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Bridge Systems

Henry Lockwood and I invented a number of conventions and built it all into a system called "Pascal's Encrypted Club". Below are links to the full system, conventions we used and conventions we invented. If you have any questions, or mention this anywhere, please link to this page and let me know, we're always interested to hear from people. Email address is

Pascal's Encrypted Club

5-card puppet Keri

This is a combination of 5-card puppet Stayman and Keri. Full description.

Modified Suction

This is a variation of suction as a defence to 1N-X. Full description.

STES Overcalls

This is an artificial overcall structure which is not permitted in EBU events. Full description.


Prism signals are something that we picked up from this website. There is a long document on there describing them.

General Swiss

General Swiss is a slam-investigating convention we got from Richard Parker. His system file is no longer online, so I'm describing it here instead. Full description.

Ace you have or ace you don't

This is a specific ace asking convention, modifying one suggested by John Haslegrave. Opening 4NT asks for aces. Responses are:

  • 5♣—no aces
  • 5—ace of ♣ or aces of , & ♠
  • 5—ace of or aces of ♣, & ♠
  • 5♠—ace of or aces of ♣, & ♠
  • 5N—two other aces
  • 5♣—ace of ♠ or aces of ♣, &
  • 5—ace of ♠ & ♣
  • 5—ace of ♠ &
  • 5♠—ace of ♠ &

Roman Key-Quant Gerber

Also by John Haslegrave, for use over 1NT and 2NT openings, 4♣ both asks for aces and is quantatitive. Responses are:

  • 4—0 or 3 aces
  • 4—1 or 4 aces
  • 4♠—2 aces and denying a quant raise
  • 4NT—2 aces and accepting a quant raise
After 4/ the next step is quantatitive then 4NT is negative, bidding kings at the 5 level is positive.