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Modified Suction

Modified suction is a defence to 1N-X. Suction is a convention where a bid shows either the suit above that, or the remaining two. This is used along with a pass which forces a redouble to provide the option to play in 1NXX, responders five card suit, or the best fit that opener has for one of any two suits with responder.

The full response structure is as follows:

  • Pass—forces XX, may be weak with ♣ and another suit or to play.
    • XX (forced)
      • Pass—to play
      • bid 4 card suits up the line
  • XX—forces 2♣. Weak with ♣ or the red suits
    • 2♣ (forced)
      • Pass—weak with clubs
      • 2—weak with the red suits, pass or correct
  • 2♣—Weak with or the majors
    • Pass with 5 card clubs
    • 2 with any other hand
      • Pass—weak with diamonds
      • 2—weak with the majors, pass or correct
  • 2—Weak with and ♠
  • 2—Weak with
  • 2♠—Weak with ♠

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