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STES Overcalls

STES is an artificial overcall system which is based on Suction. It is not currently legal overcalling natural openings in EBU tournaments. It is Brown Sticker per WBF regulations.

In Suction, bids show either the suit above or the other two. STES removes any option which includes the suit being overcalled, the acronym stands for Suction Transfer Exclusion Suction - which are the meaning of the 4 suit bids. For example:

  • (1♣)-
    • 1 = Suction = Hearts or Spades and Diamonds
    • 1 = Transfer = Spades
    • 1♠ = Exclusion = Hearts and Diamonds
    • 2♣ = Suction = Diamonds or Hearts and Spades

The other suits follow similarly. This structure leaves double and no trump overcalls up to you.

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