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Pointless XML

Pointless is a free presentation program that uses opengl to render the presenation. Their homepage is at They have a custom markup language for describing the presentation, so I wrote a small XML DTD & stylesheet to allow people to write their presentations in XML, and convert that into the pointless format automatically. The XML format can also be displayed in a web-browser similar to the presentation.

To use this you will need pointless, xsltproc (to convert from xml to pll) and rxp (a validating xml parser) to check the validity of your document. The DTD, XSL & CSS stylesheets along with an example presentation are available below:


A few more scripts for you now, all in a tar, it also has an xsl file to convert it to real html - for those with non-xml browsers, or ones with broken CSS *cough*IE*cough*.