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Bluetooth Monitor Daemon

This is a project which came out of one of my PhD-related papers (see Implementing A Multi-Hat PDA). The Bluetooth monitor will track the distance from the PC to a particular bluetooth device (such as a mobile phone) and based on a threshold can do things such as start or stop a screensaver.


Installation instructions are available in INSTALL and instructions for use in README. Bluemon uses D-Bus for communication and requires D-Bus version 0.60 or newer. The D-Bus protocol it uses is documented in bluemon-dbus.xml.


This program is released under the GPL. The documentation, sources and Debian packages for Debian Etch on i386 are available here. If you are running Debian packages can be installed from Debian Unstable.

The latest release is 1.4. You can see whats new in the changelog.


Several things have already been suggested to improve this. If you have any others, please email me at

  • Monitoring via l2ping or other mechanisms

These things have been done:

  • Server-Client architecture to minimise root-privs
  • Multiple registered devices
  • D-Bus notifications